I want to thank Referee Magazine for providing the opportunity to give credit to some very deserving individuals. Thanks to Ken Adent, Dennis Barela, and Hector Martinez for starting the webinar train down the tracks. Thank you to the thousands of officials who have participated and those who have presented 200 webinars since last April!!! Staggering to think about! This article was a prime opportunity to say “thank you” to my amazing assistant, Nate Acosta, for understanding my vision and having the skill set to make it come to life. I appreciate your progressive thinking and your willingness to convince (force) me out of my comfort zone with stuff like TikTok Tuesdays. The passion you have for officiating and for THE FAMILY is remarkable and I appreciate you always finding ways to continue to challenge me in my role. You are the straw that stirs the drink! I was told early on in my career to always surround myself with good people who share your passion and vision. While I may have taken a long time to learn MANY things, that was the first lesson I applied. ~Dana Pappas

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