DreamBIG 501(c)(3) was founded to provide enrichment programs, activities and support for youth and adults alike within our community and outreach internationally. Dream BIG promotes social, educational, athletic, health and wellness and cultural development to strengthen maximum potential and opportunities for today’s youth and adults.

DreamBIG has an annual event that began in July of 2011, Kevin Banks set out to create an event that would give back to the community while making a positive impact in his life, and the lives of others Many ideas landed on the table but one resonated, having come form single parent and limited income families.

Recalling his memories of the back to school season when most every child is happy and excited with all the new clothes and school supplies, eager to return to school. That uneasy felling of not having the designer clothes, or all of the school supplies on the list, much less a good haircut. The question on Kevin’s mind… many children have to return to school feeling the same feelings of inadequacy? Was this fair, and who really cared enough to reach out to them at a very crucial point in their lives? Kevin decided on running a very small event to provide haircuts and school supplies for a handful of children.

After making the vent public, there was an outpouring of businesses, and volunteers in the community who wanted to get involved and help with the event. Now officially known as Dream BIG presents KUTZ 4 KIDZ event, we have grown and double the number of served year over year. In 2015 we are eve ting to help over 14,540 youth and approximately 38,000 family members.

8 Gradys Performance Center was founded by Scott Grady in 2018. Scott’s vision for the center stemmed from his own experience as a young, local athlete in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Having played as a quarterback for West Mesa High School, he credits his coaches and training for much of his success. Continuing his football career at Western New University and at The University of New Mexico, Scott knows firsthand what it takes to become a successful collegiate athlete.

Through the 8 Gradys Performance Center, he hopes to share his passion and commitment for proper training and coaching with the local community. In addition to athletic training, he has placed a focus on academics, nutrition, and sports psychology to further enhance the overall benefits for every athlete that trains at the facility. Scott credits his overall success in both business and life to the experiences sports gave him as an adolescent, and has designed the 8 Gradys Performance Center to foster similar experiences for other young athletes.