Behind The Flag Clinic 2020

Behind The Flag present the 1st annual NFHS New Mexico Officials High School Virtual Football Clinic (5 person mechanics). The clinic will be conducted by and caught by current Division I and Division II Football Officials actively officiating in the Mountain West Conference, Southland, Conference USA, Rocky Mountain (RMAC) Conference, and LoneStar Conference.

The clinic will cover crew video break down, NMOA officiation philosophy, crew rules quiz. and mechanics break-out position sessions for video break down. 

This camp will be open to the first 7 crews of 5 officials for a total of 35 New Mexico High School Officials to keep the camp and video break down with the weekend time limit agenda. This will allow the officials to have quality time with their crew mentor prior to the clinic.

Each crew will be assigned a college official as a crew mentor to meet with the crew before the camp, in a stand alone Zoom meeting. This is meant to help the crew and individual officials training with video break down, rules quiz, mechanics, and NMOA philosophy. 

The clinic will be open to other (non-crew) officials to attend the clinic during the two day weekend to hear the video break down and guest speakers for $15. Non-crew officials will not be assigned to a crew or mentor.

The clinic is a NMOA sanctioned clinic for NMOA Football Officials. The NMOA and regional assignors will receive a list of New Mexico Football officials who attend this virtual clinic as part of the officials 2020 clinic training.

Dates – Friday August 14th, 5:30 pm – 8pm and Saturday August 15th, 2020, 8 am – 3 pm.

Clinicians / Mentors

Abram Anaya, Center Judge, Mountain West Conference

Joseph Martinez, Side Judge, Mountain West Conference

Victor Sanchez, Field Judge, Conference USA

Aaron Olivares, Back Judge, RMAC

Brandon MacEachen, Line Judge, RMAC  

Colin Martinez, Retired, RMAC

Leonard Longhorn, Umpire, LoneStar Conference

Estevan Baca, Line Judge, LoneStar Conference

Tanner Tixier, Line Judge, LoneStar Conference

Behind The Flag 2020 Virtual Football Officials Camp. 

We are off to a great start. Day # 1: Film Breakdown.

Day # 2: Quiz review, positions breakouts, and philosophy. 

Behind The Flag Clinic 2020 Campers

Name Position
Abran BrisenoHL
Bernard RogersU
Bert HunterHL
Bill Johnson BJ
Billy PageU
Bradley BockU
Brian PerraultR
Bryan RandallL
Burton MelanconR  
Chris DavisonBJ
Cory NormanR
David BrisenoR
David VelasquezBJ
Demetrius HenryR
Don Chitty Jr.
Donovan SushlacheeBJ
Elderick Morris U
Eliseo GomezU
Eric Chadwick HL
Eugene GonzalesU
Evan BakerBJ
Jarrod StoreyBJ
Keith Trujillo 
Lawrence VelasquezHL
Leonard VelasquezR
Randy McBroom L
Robert Abney
Sammy Herrera
Scott CopleyHL
Seth BellerNon Crew
Shane SawitzU
Tanner WhiteU
Tim BarrerasHL
Tim Pleaseant Non Crew
Todd MorrisR